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Cleveland, OH

We are one of the largest providers of machine vision quality assurance. We have provided our customers with 9 years of machine vision solutions. Our products use a balance of set-up, environment, lighting, and ease of use. We have an experienced sales and application engineering team that can help any customer evaluate their requirements and find out what kind of machine vision services are a good fit. We offer a complete vision lab for product evaluation, products from industry leaders, single and multiple camera systems, and a whole lot more. Find out more about us on our website!

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Machine Vision Systems

Machine Vision Systems

Machine vision systems are assemblies of integrated electronic components, computer hardware, and software algorithms that offer operational guidance by processing and analyzing the images captured from their environment. The data acquired from the vision system are...

Optical Comparators

Optical Comparator

Optical comparators are measurement systems that offer extremely accurate and repeatable measurement data. They use video images, geometric dimensioning and tolerance (GD&T),light, lenses, mirrors, and cameras to examine...

Marking Machinery

Marking Machinery

Marking machinery is industrial equipment that specializes in creating texts, graphics, labels, and codes on parts and products. Each type of marking machine has different mechanisms in modifying the properties of a material to create the desired mark...

Test and Measurement Equipment

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